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Cleaning windows is heavy housework and can be dangerous too, especially if you live in a high-rise building. And outsourcing the cleaning is bothersome and expensive. That is why you need our Robotic Window Cleaner, your personal cleaning professional that gets the hard work done for you. Just connect the 1.5m power cord, put the cleaning pad on the base, attach the safety rope and switch on to start. Strong suction power allows the cleaner to stick to the window, then it automatically chooses from three different cleaning paths for optimal cleaning. It even knows to return to its original position when it is finished. There are intelligent sensors to detect edges and obstacles so that the cleaner knows when to change path to avoid falling. The cleaner will not fall even when the power is cut, as the backup battery kicks in and it will remain suctioned to the window for up to 20 minutes, plenty of time for you to rescue the unit. In the rare event that it does fall, the 4m safety rope will catch it and prevent any damage. There are also other useful inclusions such as two types of removable and washable microfibre cleaning pads for dry and wet cleaning, and a 4m extension cable for cleaning large windows. You can even use the window cleaner to clean other flat surfaces such as mirrors, marble walls and glass doors. So stop cleaning and start living with our robotic window cleaner.


Intelligent navigation

Up to 2800Pa suction

Anti-falling sensor

Anti-collision sensors

Built-in rechargeable battery

Remote control

Embedded UPS for safety

Multiple security protection

Brushless motor

Microfibre cleaning pads

Automatically return to the origin after cleaning

Remote control included

SAA, CE, ROHS approved


Power: 65W

Voltage: DC 24V

Suction: 2800Pa

Battery capacity: 650mAh

Auto-cleaning mode: 3 modes

Cleaning speed: 2.4min/m²

Remote control range: 15m

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): 20min

Safety rope strength: 150kgf

Glass dimensions: 40cm x 40cm (min.)

Glass thickness limitation: >3mm

Allowed surface roughness: <1.5mm

Noise level: <60db

Overall dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 10cm

Weight: 1.2kg

Certification: CE, FCC, Rohs

Package Contents:

1 x Robotic Window Cleaner

1 x Remote Control

1 x Adaptor

1 x DS Extension Cable

1 x Safety Rope

4 x Cleaning Pad

1 x User Manual

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