Giselle Bedding Set of 4 Medium & Firm Cotton Pillows


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Set of 4 Pillows 2 Firm & 2 Medium Introducing you these polyester fibre filling pillows! Comes with 2 medium and 2 soft pillows, they suit back and stomach sleepers. If you and your family have the common sleeping posture, this sets of pillows are the right one to get. If you run a hotel or Air BnB, these pillows will save you a fortune from purchasing them in the retail stores. Provide your guests more options to choose from, if they're uncomfortable with the current one.

Note: The pillows are vacuum packed in the box.

Features * A set of 4 pillows * Different firmness level * 100% cotton cover * Polyester fibre filling * Firm pillows - Suitable for side sleepers * Medium pillows - Suitable for back sleepers * Great for families, hotel or Air Bnb * Fits standard size pillow covers

Specifications * Overall dimension: 73 x 48cm * Filling: Polyester * Firm pillow weight: 800g * Medium pillow weight: 650g

Package Contents 2 x Firm Pillows 2 x Medium Pillows

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