Giselle Bedding Queen Size Mattress Bed Medium Firm Foam Bonnell Spring 16cm


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Who needs a Bonnell spring mattress? The answer is someone who wants a relatively firm and comfortable sleeping surface. And that is what you get with our Giselle Beddings Glay Series Bonnell Spring Mattress. The Bonnell spring system uses springs that are hourglass-shaped to provide better support for your body, more resilience and better ventilation. Our mattress delivers all of the above with a level of comfort that surpasses expectations and a medium firmness that many Australians desire. The mattress is meticulously constructed with layers of premium materials. High-density foam fills the inside of the mattress in between the stable Bonnell spring core and a soft quilting layer rests on top. Essentially, you get a solid mattress that retains its shape well for long lasting use, while still being supple and comfortable for you to enjoy all its inherent benefits. As with all of our quality mattresses, this mattress is hypo-allergenic and treated for dust and mould resistance. So indulge in a mattress that knows your sleep well. Befriend a Giselle Beddings mattress today.

Features: Giselle Bedding - Glay series Soft quilting top layer Premium knitted fabric High-density foam Stable Bonnell spring core 6-turn coil system Medium-firm firmness Hypo-allergenic material Excellent support and pressure redistribution Dust mite and mould resistant Great ventilation

Specifications: Size: Queen Firmness: Medium firm (6.0) Wire thickness: 2.25mm Dimensions: 203cm x 153cm x 16cm Vacuum packaging: Item will expand to its normal shape within 1 day after unpacking.

Package Contents: 1 x Giselle Bedding Glay Series Bonnell Spring Mattress 

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